The main setting of the story takes place in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan in the autumn in the late 1990s. It is cold and dirty. This makes the mood sad because the brothers remember their situation and that their parents are dead. The three brothers live in small apartment and with not much to look at but it is warm and functional. There are four rooms: Ty'ree's room, Charlie and Lafayette's room, a kitchen (with bathroom), and a living room. There are strange plants on all the windows, replacing the pictures of their parents. They live on the sixth floor. If you were to hang over the balcony and look way over to the left, you could see Central Park, at least the very edge of it near the ice-skating rink. The tops of the trees are changing colors from a bright green to reddish-orange. There are also many cars lining the streets. If you were to gaze off to the right, you could see the George Washington Bridge. Early in the morning the sound of traffic passing over the bridge fills the air and you can almost catch a whiff of a nice dew breeze as it swipes your nose. Across the street there are a bunch of buildings just like theirs-old gray-and-beige buildings with lots of floors and apartments.

Two other small settings are Central Park and a coffee shop by the theater. The park was revealed during a flashback. It was winter and it was cold and peaceful. The lake was frozen and a cold wind blew in fresh snow. All the sidewalks were iced over and the trees were covered in snow. The coffee shop is small, warm, and full of delicious food. the warm scent of coffee grounds fills the air. People talk quietly and it feels like nothing can go wrong inside.

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