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Discuss and post as much as possible on this page about planning!

Reading schedule:
Read seven chapters per week starting Monday 3/2/2009.

Or you can just finish it, because it is really quite short.

Sam will be the organizer.

If there are any objections talk to him.

Try and keep font 100 % if we have to adjust, do so, but post about it, also keep it to the left as well.


      • Wordle a title for all pages
      • Make a Voice thread for the plot of Miracle's Boys.
      • Create newspaper obituaries for the parents or an article on Charlie robbing the store.
      • Recordings and paint.
Wordle: Miracle's Boys
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Revise... The wiki is looking great but the side bar links are a little hard to read.
Brady and Zach will try to make a voice thread for the wiki.